Essentials of Selling a Home: Accurate Pricing

There are a number of moving parts to selling a home and if they are overlooked it can mean $1,000’s in lost equity that you earned. Lets begin with Accurate Pricing and how important it is to the net proceeds you receive at closing.

List Price

Problem: The price you begin with sets the tone for how your home will interact with the market. If you are over priced you may see a lack of attention from prospective buyers that aren’t taking your sale seriously. On the opposite side if you price your home too low, you will already be cutting into your hard earned equity and still may see a decline in attention. Buyers will wonder why your home is priced low and be less likely to schedule a private showing.

Solution: Make sure your home is being priced comparable to relevant market data. A professional should be able to pull up recent sales, active competition and industry trends to ensure you are at the right price.

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Andrew Grinvalds

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